brushout, bath, forced-air dry, nail trim, ear cleansing  .......  $75


brushout, hand scissored trim, nail trim, ear cleansing  .......  $85


brushout, bath, forced-air dry, hand scissored trim, nail trim, ear cleansing  .......  $100


If extra work is required during the brushout task due to heavily matted &/or extra thick coats,
there is a fee of $5 per 15 minutes of additional time, added to the base prices listed above.

I do a brushout on all dogs  whether they are getting “just a bath” or moderate trimming. A brushout is more than just a quick pass with a slicker brush! There have been advances in grooming tool technology over the past few years that allow us to remove quite a bit of a dog’s undercoat. Using these tools, I am able to reduce shedding, make hair management easier, and give your dog better air circulation.

Since this is a very labor intensive and thorough process, it costs more than “just a bath,” especially for goldens! Even dogs with very short hair like the Labrador Retriever have reduced shedding after undergoing this process. Because my baths always include a brushout , prices may be higher than competitors but with me, you’ll always get your money’s worth in hair removed.

“Double-coated” means what it says—these dogs have two layers of coat.  Their outer coat is usually longer, firm and somewhat darker than the soft and dense undercoat.

Thinning out the undercoat (removing the dead hair) is a large part of the grooming process because it reduces shedding for your comfort and ventilates the coat for your dog’s comfort.  New groomers who are still developing their feel for a thick or thin coat may not remove enough of the undercoat but when corrected may do the opposite and remove too much!  This fur has a function and thus should never be removed completely.  The undercoat protects a dog’s skin by repelling water and it retains heat to keep them warm in winter.

Dogs are hand dried using a high velocity air forced dryer that literally blows water from the coat without heat. Most dogs I've groomed are regular family pets that have not had experience with show grooming. While these same dogs have never had exposure to a forced air dryer, they have all responded favourably to it. I do not place dogs in a crate/kennel for cage drying so you need not worry about your companion running the risk of becoming overheated.


Prices may be affected by matting, excessive undercoat, behavioral issues, etc ...
anything that may consume additional time.


All grooming fees must be paid at the time services are provided and rendered by cash.






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