We were thrilled with how beautiful Penny looked. You did a fantastic job and the tip was indeed intended, for the time, attention and job well done. We, along with Penny, were very comfortable with you and look forward to returning.

Thank you for having Penny in your home and treating her so well. We anxiously await the photos.

Thanks again,
Jeff, Janice, Penny and Natalie

PS: Natalie also thought Penny was beautiful and added that she smelled good too!

Penny specifically traveled all the way to Halifax from New Glasgow to experience her very first Spaw treatment with Good as Gold Groomng! It was both an honour and a privilege for me to care for a dog that is not only greatly loved but who's well-being is an utmost concern to her human companions!

I have a 14 month old Bernese named Wylie who has been brushed and bathed since he was 7 weeks old but who had never
been professionally groomed.

Looking for a groomer was a very long process for us, I am extremely picky when it comes to Wylie and I had been in contact with several groomers before I finally found Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had advertised her services for Goldens and I emailed her hoping that she might consider grooming a Berner as well. Well, weren't we in luck when she said that she'd love to!

When "interviewing" groomers, I was looking for someone whose methods I agreed with, someone who obviously LOVES dogs and someone who was easy to talk to and didn't mind answering all of my questions. We found all of this and more in Elizabeth.

The day of Wylie's groom I was having a particular hectic day and Elizabeth offered to pick Wylie up at home which was a huge weight off my shoulders. When I went to pick him up 4 hours later, he was a completely different dog! I had dropped off a goofy, awkward puppy and picked up and goofy, awkward, handsome DOG! (See his photos on the website!)

I will never take Wylie anywhere else to be groomed and I tell everyone I see about Elizabeth and Good as Gold Grooming!

Bronwyn and Wylie


Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for looking after Kennedy today.
She looks beautiful!

Ann Romyn


Recently, in my frenzied wedding planning, I was in a rush to get my two goldens cleaned up and ready for the big day! I stumbled upon Elizabeth's information online and couldn't be happier with the result. She was able to quickly get both Griffey (10) and Cleo (5) in for a full grooming and they comfortably spent the day at her place getting shampooed, primped and polished.

I had only ever had Cleo groomed once before and had never had Griffey professionally groomed as his coat is naturally nice and shiny. I was absolutely amazed at the result and continue to smile at the lack of fur ball tumbleweeds ready to greet me each day at home - I didn't realize that a good grooming would help so much with their shedding and I was pleasantly surprised.

We will definitely be bringing our dogs back to Elizabeth - she obviously has a passion for golden retrievers and not only did she provide an excellent, professional service, I could easily see her soft spot for these gorgeous creatures so I felt completely at ease leaving them in her hands!

Krista Hynes


 Hi Elizabeth

We all loved Riley's haircut and it was a pleasure watching you at your craft and I was particularly taken by the love
and care you bestowed as you worked away. Thank you from all of us including Riley.  I will most certainly pass
your name and phone number onto some of Riley's friends, owners.

The pictures are great and I will make good use of the scrapbooking page, that was very thoughtful of you.

I just came down stairs for the first time since you left and of course Riley presented me with his find - your little
blanket!  I took it from him and have put it away and you can pick it up anytime you are in the neighbourhood.

Thanks again Elizabeth, we are all very pleased.

Sue Dickson


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